JAMNIK duster

JAMNIK duster is a pneumatic, manual device used for headings dusting by means of plain stone.

The device is supplied by compressed air bar. The compressed air causes the plain stone’s aspiration, as a result of which a uniform air and dust mixture is formed. The mixture escapes outside by means of a special hose, through which an operator dusts a heading.At least two people are necessary to the device’s operation. One person holds the device directed to an open, plain stone container by a suction nozzle. The second worker directs the end of the hose onto the dusted surface.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Supply: from compressed air supply systems at the bottom of a mine delivered by compressors on the surface or stationary underground compressor and mobile compress or units Supplying air pressure: 1 – 7 bar
  • Maximum snake’s length: 60m
  • Dusting hose: 20m sectors of diameter of 50mm; the sectors linked with the use of quick-fit connectors. The sections are linked with the use of quick-fit connectors.
  • Device mass (without the hose): 8,31kg

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