About Us

WWT Ltd. and its branch in Toronto, Canada, vaunts twenty-year experience in cooperation with mining facilities.

We specialize in distribution of duster devices destined for eliminatingdangers of coal dust explosive conditions, spark safe wireless communication systems,delivery of mining machines constructed by the world reputable producers we represent.

Ouroffer includes also special wear liners for various industrial branches and special wear platesof sliding properties used in bulk materials transport.WWT Ltd. has offices both in Toronto and in Piasek near Pszczyna (Poland). Our teamconsists of well-educated and experienced engineers. Their knowledge and perfect expertiseof the business  are based on rich professional experience.

Every time we can be supported by such companies as: CT-REX CANADA (technical and modern technologies consultancy partner), MRS (spark safe communication systems),A.L. LEE (worldwide producer of machines and devices designed for mining industry),SWANSON INDUSTRIES (the leader producer of duster devices and steel structures).

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