Wear liners

Wear materials characterization

Wear liners are special alloys of hardness resembling the diamond’s, and at the same time weldable and hammer resistant. Such combination is ensured by fully metallurgic white castiron connection guaranteeing hardness reaching 700+ in Brinell scale (64 in Rockwell scale),accompanied by structural steel providing us with weldability and – what is more important– impact strength. This product’s success lies in the metallurgic joint, thanks to which both materials fit tight on whole surface. It ensures high damage resistance.

This material, even incase of white cast iron breakage (caused by massive hammer blow), still functions properly.The next essential and distinctive feature of two-ply wear materials is white cast iron(functioning as work layer) to base thickness (structural steel) ratio.

Two-ply wear pipes characterization

Centrifugally-cast bimetallic pipes with inside white cast iron ply (hardness 600 in Brinell scale) and structural steel outside ply. They are designed for places with extreme conditions.Walls’ thickness and durability is monitored by ultrasonic test. Wide range of used alloying elements ensures resistance to such factors as: friction, high temperatures and corrosion. The pipes possess high flexibility regarding ending features selection, due to which we can deliver pipes designed for numerous purposes.

The material chemical composition and the walls thickness (both inside and outside ones) is selected individually and according to client’s needs and requests.

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