DROMADER duster is a pneumatic, storage device used for headings dusting by means ofplain stone. Its chief qualities are reliability, high efficiency and easy usage.
DROMADER is powered only by compressed air from underground mining network orindividual underground compressors. Thanks to the membrane inside the container, peoplehave succeeded in attaining the plain stone fluidization process. The plain stone escapes ofthe container by means of a special hose and gains properties resembling the liquid ones. Dueto these properties the dust covers sidewalls and roof and is evenly distributed on the wholedusted surface. The duster do not contain any electric components, and its apparatus is madeof metal elements. The machine’s operation during the dusting process comes down only tomonitoring by means of several valves (regulating the dusting speed).

Special hoses are necessary to the plain dusting. They are delivered with a machine insidein a form of 20m sections. These modules are linked with each other by means of quick-fit connectors. Maximum total hoses length reaches up to 1000m and is accompanied by anappropriate supply pressure.

A standard device possesses skids for moving over the thill. It can also be installed on asuspended railway or platforms or can be transported by means of mining vehicles (dependingon the client’s requests).The DROMADER duster possesses all necessary admissions to be used in mining (I M2).

Basic technical parameters:

  • Supply: from compressed air supply systems at the bottom of a mine delivered bycompressors on the surface or stationary underground compressor and mobile compressorunits
  • Supplying air pressure: 2,8 – 6 barDusting efficiency (depending on the hose length at proper device supplying pressure): 250kg/min:for 180m: 250kg (15,0 Mg/h)for 300m – 170 kg min (10,2 Mg/h)for 600m – 79 kg/min (4,7 Mg/h)for 1000m – 49 kg/min (2,9 Mg/h)
  • Maximum length of dusting hose: 1000m (at appropriate supply pressure)
  • Dusting hose: 20m sections of 50mm diameter, total hose length: 60m; sectors linked byquick-fit connectors.
  • The container’s capacity: 300l (0,3m3)The duster gross weight (without the dusting hose) : 350 [kg]

Videos presenting our duster at work:

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