WWT Ltd.’s offer

WWT Ltd. specializes in device and system deliveries for mining sector as well as for other industrials branches. Our company’s offer consists of:

  • Dusters used for eliminating danger of coal dust explosive condition – a whole range of devices used for mechanical dusting of headings; they may have one of the following drives: pneumatic, hydraulic, electric
  • Multipurpose Spark Safe MULTICOM Radio Communication System – wireless communication system based on a leaky feeder technology, designed for methane mines, tunnels and other facilities of limited space
  • Wear materials – alloy metal materials of very high wear resistance, widely used in facilities where machines/materials are exposed to more intensive wear and tear (chutes, mills, crushers, etc.)
  • MARS II central dusting system – system designed for eliminating danger of coal dust explosive condition in mines, consisting of a central plain stone container located on the surface, a system of pipelines and intermediate reservoirs in a mine’s lower part
  • The remaining activities of our company You will find in the OTHERS section

From the very beginning the company’s activities are directed at the highest quality of our products with simultaneous particular care of competitive prices and the shortest possible delivery dates.

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