An award for hydraulic duster unit SMYK-SCHARF

We, WWT Ltd., have the honor of informing You of winning the III award in the 38th editionof All-Poland Working Conditions Improvement Competition in the category “Technical andorganizational solutions” for the following solution: “HYDRAULIC DUSTER UNIT SMYK-SCHARF FOR ELIMINATING DANGER OF COAL DUST EXPLOSIVE CONDITION INMINING PITS”.A distinctive characteristic of this solution is the construction of the duster designed foreliminating danger of coal dust explosive condition with hydraulic drive and powered byprime mover’s Scharf type suspended monorail.As a result of such solution, the duster became mobile, efficient and effective in eliminatingthe danger of coal dust explosive condition.The solution also enables the duster to be powered by other prime movers’ suspendedcombustion monorails, being a mine’s property.

From the other hand, it can be supplied byexisting pressure buses for walls in the lower part of a mine, too.We would like to arise Your interest in our awarded product.

It significantly improves theminers’ safety and makes their work easier and lighter.For those mining facilities, that will be willing to buy our duster, we would like to offer aspecial promotion.

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